Who we Are

We are the first and only Energy Holding created in the Southern Hemisphere. Our primary mission is to unify the criteria for responsible use of Natural Resources.

Sustainable principles so that our industry continues to grow at the same rates that it is now, without jeopardizing its survival, just as the oil industry did.

At Essential Energy Holding, we know that natural resources are essentially concentrated in the southern hemisphere while the economic resources are concentrated in the north.

EEH is the vehicle through which a small - or medium-sized business can access the research, development, and execution of large-scale projects in primary production and in the process of adding value to the second generation raw materials, alternatives to the conventional first generation production.

We strive to improve the efficiency of the industry in relation to the investment costs of research, and especially to transform industrialization processes into processes that are more sustainable and renewable, contributing to environmental care.

Our Task

Balance Unit. Strategic Alliances.

Our strategic location, i.e. in the southern hemisphere, makes us the tool that strikes the ideal balance in the exchange of such interests, both natural and economic.

Our Offering

New Projects. Business Services.

We seek to allow the investor, in a clear and transparent manner, to dive into a real economy scenario that does not depend on market speculations.

This real economy scenario offers opportunities for increasing growth, taking into account the constant increase in world population with the accompanying increased daily demand for energy and food.

New Objectives

Management Purposes

  1. To create a financial vehicle that is capable of integrating different companies, dedicated to the production of renewable energies throughout the value-added chain at the source.

  1. To unify small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with estimated annual billings between 25 and 75 million US dollars.

Benefits for Members of Holding

  1. Unified administrative, technological, and business management criteria in accordance with the reality of each region.

  2. Automatic achievement of diversification of the operational risks for participating companies of Essential Energy Holding N.V., and access to a network of contacts throughout the world.

  3. Access to financing in international capital markets.

  4. Participation in the projects carried out by EEH, directly or indirectly, depending in each case on the nature and purpose of the project.

  5. Attaining profits proportional to their participation in EEH as a result of the projects that it carries out.

  1. The primary objective of EEH is to guarantee the supply of raw materials to produce, through their industrialization, clean energy. This will enable participants to advance, in a sustainable fashion, in the development of industries located in different countries.

  2. Efficiently manage and use EEH as a tool to negotiate natural resources, which are presently administered separately, within an integrated management framework, allowing product placement in a continuous and sustainable manner.

  3. EEH will provide a unique optimization product placement and exchanges between member companies, giving rise to an unprecedented solidification in this sector of each member's business units.

Benefits for Investors

  1. Direct access to diversified investments in different countries, regions, technologies, raw materials and different ways of generating clean energy.

  2. Investment in a group of companies whose fundamental structure is based on a REAL economy and not FALSE economy, and where the entire chain is composed of commodities of basic necessity for human life.

  1. Clean and secure access to a portion of natural resources through Essential Energy Holding N.V. and its investments.

Our Members

Biodiesel Production
Biodiesel Production
Glycerin Production
Bioethanol Production
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