Glycopharma 8 is an Argentinean startup dedicated to the added value of raw glycerin, from the exploitation of conventional biodiesel originated in soybean oil. The keys to success are the development of a strategic agreement for the supply of raw glycerin from small and medium producers of biodiesel, for its later conversion into refined glycerine, and the development of a strategic alliance in the sales channel of the product for its further exportation.

Glycerin is biodiesel’s most important sub product, and its industry ensures a constant and efficient provision for the refined glycerin industry.

The added value at Glycopharma is its commitment to the environment and its social responsibility. That is... Trying to make the planet a better place to live in.

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Plant Address: 

Ruta Provincial N° 26, Km 38
Nogoyá. Entre Ríos, Argentina

Office Address: 

Corrientes 733
Rosario. Santa Fe. Argentina

+54 343 4602825