Bio Nogoya - located in Nogoya, in the province of Entre Rios - is an Argentinean company created in 2012 by local entrepreneurs of the agricultural sector.

It is dedicated to the production and further sale of biofuels, and has an exemplary plant that complies with international standards in all of its procedures.

In addition to the biodiesel obtained from renewable resources, other sub-products like glyceryn and glycerol are produced too.

The company seeks to generate an added value to regional production, and to raise awareness about the importance of ecological care in our environment’s current situation.

It also contributes to the diversification of the energy matrix in the country, and to the improvement of the sustainability of fuels.

The commitment to the environment and to social responsibility are some of the company’s core values.

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Ruta Provincial Nro 26, Km 38
Nogoyá. Entre Ríos. Agentina

+54 343 154-602825