ALBARDONBIO is the only company that has world-class technology to produce biodiesel from waste. And it also has biofuel distillation technology in order to comply with the most demanding world quality standards.

It is the only plant in the country that produces 2nd generation biofuels.

El Albardon’s Industrial Plant is located on a 2-hectare place, in one of the largest biodiesel facilities of Argentina; in Puerto General San Martin, which is located near Rosario.

Currently producing mainly for the domestic market, its aim is to further expand onto external markets in the future.

This company produces biodiesel and sub-products, and it is presently the only company in Argentina capable of achieving a final product of distilled biodiesel and used oils.

It is the only company that employs global technology and is able to sell regular biodiesel, distilled biodiesel and used oils.

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Plant Address: 

Puerto General San Martín. Santa Fe. Argentina

Office Address: 

Rioja 1440 Piso 1
Rosario. Santa Fe. Argentina

+54 341 5270967
+54 341 5270680
+54 341 5270968